Friday, May 6, 2011

On the road again: Austin, day 5

After my usual business trip luxurious sleep (about three and a half hours last night), I woke with a start this morning two minutes late. The hotel had forgotten to make my wake-up call, but I've developed the skill of waking myself within five minutes of it anyway. That skill served me well today.

Work, shower, and then checking out with a brain-trust that made what is normally a simple process look like defusing a three-trigger bomb while blindfolded. My blood was boiling but I managed to smile and say as little as possible.

The flights were the usual fun times, with no bandwidth or upgrades today. I did get to enjoy some Red Mango in DFW, which is always a treat.

Today's bit of flying weirdness occurred on the long leg from DFW to RDU. A small Hispanic woman occupied the window seat next to me. She had almost no English, and her English was better than my Spanish. She kept elbowing me in the ribs as she took the whole armrest and then spilled into my space. I kept pushing back with my body, at which point she would say something I could not understand. I would point at my body, at the armrest, etc., but nothing worked.

Finally, I took a pen out of my backpack, drew a line down the middle of the armrest, pointed at her half and then at her, and did the same with my half. She nodded agreement, and we flew the rest of the way in peace.

If you ever get on an American Airlines plane, are in row 16, and spot the line down the armrest, that's my work.

Now, to unpack and do some more work.

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