Sunday, May 1, 2011

Fast Five

I know, I know: why did I go see this sure-to-be-stupid movie?

I have to confess to a simple, dumb reason: To have mindless fun. Well, that and to watch Vin Diesel and The Rock (yeah, I know, it's Dwayne Johnson, but he'll always be The Rock to me). Also, to enjoy the fast cars and the insane amounts of violence. Let's not forget the pleasure of dialog so dumb you have to laugh.

I expected all of those things, and Fast Five delivered them--at high speed and higher volume, with extra stupid and extra loud on top.

I had fun.

I could tell you the plot, but if you've seen a trailer, you already know it. If you liked any of the earlier films and are in the mood for some loud, violent, mindless entertainment, check it out.

Otherwise, stay home.

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Todd said...

I saw it today and loved it. Fast cars, hot chicks, fast chicks, hot cars. And Diesel vs Rock vs Drug Cartel = :-D


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