Tuesday, May 3, 2011

On the road again: Austin, day 2

As is usually the case for these business trips, the days are incredibly long, and I can't talk about most of what I do in them. Sorry about that.

The weather here is absolutely gorgeous, and I feel quite lucky to be able to enjoy it. May in Austin is transition time, when you might get high heat or rather moderate temperatures, and this trip I've been enjoying the latter.

Dinner tonight was perhaps the best Mexican meal I've ever had, courtesy of the well-reviewed (and deservedly so) Fonda San Miguel. We sampled a house speciality appetizer, Angels on Horseback, which featured three perfectly grilled shrimp with white cheese, jalapeno, and a bacon wrap. Wow, were they good. We also tried a benchmark starter, the Chile con Queso, and it was excellent. My main course, which you can see below, was tonight's special entree, a poblano stuffed with pork pecadillo and covered with a walnut cream sauce and pomegranates.

(As always with my images, click on any of them to see a larger version.)
It was excellent, mixing spicy and sweet flavors with both soft and crunchy textures. I meant to stop halfway through the course, but I ended up eating it all.

To finish the meal, we had to try two more benchmark dishes: the tres leches cake, and the flan. Both were superb.

Something most folks don't know about me is that I am for no good reason a huge fan of trees wrapped in lights. The folks at Fonda San Miguel wrapped their trees in blue lights, which is both unusual and awesome, as you can see in these two pictures.

Magic is indeed everywhere.


pjz said...

Glad you got to enjoy one of my favorite restaurants. I had my wedding reception there and just keep going back. If you're in town on a Sunday, it's a tossup whether to get the brunch buffet at Fonda or go to Green Pastures.

If you're interested in Korean food, I can recommend the highly authentic Chosun Galbi over by I-35 just north of where 290East hits it.

Mark said...

It must have been a beautiful setting for a reception. Thanks for the recommendation.


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