Tuesday, May 3, 2011

An essay by me as a guest blog entry

Back at the Cary Public Library event I attended in the fall, I met another local writer, Suzanne Adair. She writes in historical settings and was nice enough to take an interest in what I was doing with Children No More. She invited me to do a guest blog entry on child soldiers and the history of their use, and I happily accepted.

Of course, I then put this essay on the rather long writing queue, and months passed. Fortunately, Suzanne kept at me and used that ultimate tool for getting a writer to turn in a piece: she set a deadline.

You can now read the essay on her blog. I have to confess that I spent less time on history than I originally intended, but the essay took on its own life.

I'm also following in a tradition of Suzanne's and offering a free, signed, first edition of the Children No More hardcover to the person who posts the most interesting comment on her blog. She's the judge, so she's your audience.

I hope you enjoy the essay.


Suzanne said...

Mark, thanks so much for being a guest on my blog today. And just to clarify, I'll do a drawing at the end of the week for the winner in the book giveaway. In other words, Random Chance will choose the winner of your book from among those who leave a legitimate comment. :-)

Suzanne Adair

Michelle said...

The blog link doesn't seem to work, but your essay can be found here as well.

Very interesting. I hope more people understand the travesty of this.

Michelle said...

Also, some secret information was released...Your next novel is No Going Back due out in 2012. That is fabulous news! You have made your readers very happy.

Mark said...

Thanks, Suzanne, for that clarification. I look forward to sending a book to the winner!

Mark said...

Thanks, Michelle. I fixed the blog link.

I must note, though, that the news about No Going Back is not new; I announced it in a blog entry on November 24.

Michelle said...

So you did...Short term memory loss apparently. However, it is still good to be reminded that another novel is coming in 2012.

Mark said...

I'm always glad to provide book reminders!

Kyle said...

Meanwhile, as if desperate to prove that there are worse things you can do to children than make them soldiers, the Taliban just sent out a 12-year-old suicide bomber to murder three and wound a dozen others.

People suck.

Mark said...

I have to agree, Kyle, that some people do, but most do not.


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