Saturday, May 7, 2011

Dylan Dog: Dead of Night

Ouch. What a mess of a movie. Not good enough to deserve serious critical analysis, not bad in enough of the good ways to be a good bad movie, and yet not so downright terrible that I'm willing to dismiss it entirely, Dylan Dog was a movie that could never commit.

It went for comedy, action, romance, noir, and special effects, and it delivered just enough of each to make you hope it might finally get its act together--but it never did.

Brandon Routh was more wooden by far here than in Chuck, where his guest-starring role often appeared to be largely to look pretty (which he does well). Anita Briem is now a name I will watch for, as in, if she's in it, I'll consider skipping it. The other actors were better, all aiming for over the top rather than serious performances.

The film lacked logic and consistency, which good fantasy of any sort, urban or otherwise, should have.

The special effects were at times worse than some Syfy originals.

Despite all of that, I don't regret seeing the movie. I enjoyed enough of it that I won't hate myself for wasting the two hours, though at times I will doubt my sanity.

I won't, though, encourage anyone else to see it or even to pick up the DVD.

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