Wednesday, September 19, 2007

Gaining on it

Jet lag is still kicking my butt--witness no blog entry Monday night or Tuesday night and the fact that I got up and started working around 5:00 a.m. local time here in San Francisco--but I'm gaining on it. Last night I actually had two sessions of sleep over two hours long each, so with luck I will soon return to normal. Meanwhile, I'm fighting by forcing myself to get up early and so tiring out my body more.

I'm also gaining on Slanted Jack, whose end is so very, very near. I'd like to say that I whoop in satisfaction when I finish, but mostly I grunt and move to the next pass. Hey, we all celebrate in our own ways.

Sunday, September 16, 2007

My new friend, jet lag

I've always been basically immune to jet lag. In April, Sarah and I flew home from Rome, ate dinner, and went to see the late show of Grindhouse. No problem. I routinely go to the West Coast, work until two or three in the morning (Pacific time), and get up at normal hours to work. Again, no problem. I come home from those same trips and follow my normal routines, and I barely feel any effects.

Even the trip to Japan didn't particularly affect me. I didn't sleep at all, had a longer flight there than the one home, spent tons of time on trains, subways, and walking as we wound from Narita Airport to the Grand Hyatt Intercontinental in Yokohama, but then had dinner in the hotel, went to bed at a normal time, and immediately resumed a normal schedule the next day.

Jet lag has never bothered me.

Until now, until this return trip from Tokyo.

Now, jet lag is my new friend and constant companion. I haven't let it affect my schedule--I'm still working long days, going to bed very late, and so on--and my energy, though not quite up to par, is generally fine, but my sleep sucks. I have trouble falling asleep, and I'm up every 45 minutes or so, until after about four and a half hours I give up and get out of bed.

I'm sure looking forward to being over it.

Of course, I'm not helping myself by leaving in the morning for a business trip in San Francisco, but so it goes; I'm committed to going.

I just hope I can sleep when I get there.


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