Friday, September 17, 2010

On the road again: San Francisco, day 9

The cab ride to the airport set the tone for the day, as the driver turned an ordinary run into an unpleasant journey by spending way too much time near the edge of the fog-covered elevated freeways.

No bandwidth was available on this plane--the same one for both legs of the flight. Instead, I was treated to massive overcrowding and fried like a sardine in a gigantic George Foreman grill made of sweaty ass. You know you need a shower when your seventeen-year-old son, himself reeking of funk from spending all day in his room working on college applications, says, "Damn, Dad, you smell."

For the few minutes I was in O'Hare airport I was desperately trying to do email, but the bandwidth sucked so massively that my notebook couldn't hold a server connection. Fortunately, I was prepared: my iPad's 3G capabilities let me keep typing up to (and a little past) when the attendants on the plane told us to turn off our electronic devices lest we somehow take the world to DefCon 4.

Still, the planes landed early and safely, my luggage arrived in a timely fashion, I'm home, and a hot shower washed away all the ass stench, so I have to count the trip as a success.


Todd said...

I hate airplanes, but also love my 3G ipad. Download Star Walk if you haven't. I love it.

Mark said...

I may well do that, Todd. Thanks for the tip.


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