Monday, September 13, 2010

On the road again: San Francisco, day 5 (and an appearance announcement)

The conference I'm attending is the Intel Developer Forum (aka IDF) at the Moscone Center. It's always an interesting event, and it makes enough news in techie circles that you can follow it easily enough online. That, though, is about all I can say about that.

Dinner tonight was at Oola, a fun little restaurant where the food was tasty and the portions on the large side.

I promised an announcement: In about fourteen months, on the weekend of November 4, 2011, I will be the Toastmaster at CONTRAflow, a new science fiction convention in (well, technically, near) New Orleans. I'm already looking forward to visiting New Orleans again!


Michelle said...

Congratulations! Your talent is apparently becoming more well known. Does this mean you might be doing another humor lecture there as well? At some point, maybe you could post some snippets so we could all enjoy them. Good for you.

Mark said...

Thanks for the kind words. The con is about 14 months away, so I have no clue yet about what I will be doing there. As I learn more, I will post information on my site.


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