Thursday, July 23, 2009

Not just for trivial issues

I've heard from a few folks that my posts are giving the impression that while here at the beach we discuss only trivial issues. That is simply not so! We frequently spend large amounts of time in the hot tub or the pool going back and forth with great emotion on such weighty topics as American politics, globalization, and whether three dessert courses a day is enough or a person should go with five.

Even when out and about, issues of import arise. Such as yesterday, when Kyle posed the question, which pair of these knock-off sunglasses best expresses my pimp style?

We could not reach a consensus, alas, but we all agreed that this pair gave him that special something that surely he needs.

To my sadness, he did not buy them. Some guys simply do not have the courage of their pimp style convictions.


John Lambshead said...

Those two fingers extended on the right hand, palm outwards, have a special meaning in Britain and Ireland - one involving sex and travel.


Mark said...

Then thank goodness his palm is not facing outward.

Sarah said...

"Labels: Kyle's Pimp Style"

please let this label be necessary/reused in future blog entries.

Mark said...

That's up to Kyle, but it is my every hope.


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