Tuesday, July 21, 2009

It. Is. Mine.

Yes, after a phone bargaining session that left the other customers in the ice cream shop laughing, I bought it. "It" being the weird ice cream cone figurine from that same shop. It now goes by either Mr. Creepy Cone or Creepy Cone Guy, depending on which of us is speaking. We'll stick with CC for short.

Here he is in the shop, right after my purchase, already exerting his will over Gina, Kyle, and Sarah. Gina is closest to him and is finding his effect so powerful that she is about to fall onto the table.

By the time we were outside the ice cream shop, CC had already won Sarah's heart and charmed her into smiling...

and then giving him a kiss.

He insisted on riding in the Prius' cargo area and staring at those trailing us. I suspect he smelled the octopus.

Back home, he first took the lay of the land, scissors at the ready.

In a surprise move, he then leapt off the table, bowled over Sarah, and menaced her with scissors. We were helpless against his power, nor could we move to save the screaming Sarah.

Fortunately, he tired of this game and resumed his post on the table, his newly acquired turtle posse at the ready. He stands there still, watching us all--but himself scared of The Earred One, the original figurine, about whom more tomorrow.


Michelle said...

I think you've been lounging in the sun just a bit too long....

Mark said...

Nonsense! CCG is a great addition to the house!

Ticia said...

I had no idea he was so big. What a fantastic addition to your party.

I'm not usually a big fan of anthropomorphic kitsch, but I make an exception for him.

He is fabulous.

Mark said...

He is amazing indeed.

Scottofwakeforest said...

Looks like a great addition to the VN household and ice breaker for a certain new college student! You know it goes with her!

Mark said...

I agree it should travel with her to college, but she feels otherwise and insists her figurine limit is 1.


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