Thursday, July 23, 2009

Despite the potential competition of Mr. Creepy Cone

The Earred One knows it is in charge.

Want proof?

You have to look no further than this image of the altar its supplicants set up for it.

Mr. Creepy Cone may have a turtle posse, but it's never had an altar.

In other, unrelated figurine news, during a conversation a few of us came to fear that those reading this blog might think we are the kind of easy marks who buy any weird figurine we encounter.

Not so!

We did not, for example, buy any of these, which we encountered at a local store.

See? You don't have to worry about us at all. Not one little bit.


Kyle said...

I believe "Eared" with one R is preferred. See Merriam Webster.

Tread carefully, lest the Dark One grow vexed and send foul horrors to torment your dreams.

Mark said...

Fair point, and I will go with this spelling henceforth, but I do not want to go back to that post lest too much contact with The Eared One leave me deeply disturbed.


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