Monday, July 20, 2009

I watched forty years ago

on our television as men walked on the moon. Mrs. Phillips, about whom I will one day write more, watched with my family, and in that black-and-white telecast I saw my dreams and what humankind can accomplish and only good things. (To watch the restored footage, go here.) I now understand much better the political aspects of the space race, and I recognize that we have a great deal to do right here on Earth, but I still applaud that great achievement and believe we should always remember and honor it.

I want us to fix our problems here, and by "our" I mean humanity's, not just those of the U.S.

I also want us to go to space. I believe we should and must spread to other worlds.

Tomorrow, I'll resume beach coverage with an entry on an amazing sunset, another equally but very differently amazing thing we acquired, and more beach goodness, but for today Apollo 11 deserves our attention. Join me tonight in looking up at the moon and knowing that we have walked there and we should do so again--there and on the surface of Mars and on many other worlds. Ad astra!

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