Sunday, July 19, 2009

Kyle spanks the elephant

(Disclaimer: I don't make up the news here at Beach Central; I just report it. Okay, sometimes I influence it, too, but I do report it as it occurs.)

Kyle had been having trouble mounting the elephant, but today he overcame this fearsome purple opponent and took the elephant's back. In an expression of his glee, Kyle then spanked the elephant; this photo catches him in mid spank.

Having conquered his foe, Kyle then turned it to his own nefarious purposes. In this shot, he is menacing Sarah, who is protecting herself with a bright green float.

As dangerous as Kyle might be, it is hard to take him seriously with the elephant's tail jutting up between his legs.

Finally, his victories complete and his place in the annals of beach battle now secure, Kyle relaxes aboard his personal purple transport.

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