Sunday, March 27, 2016

Now is the time of our movie discontent

because very few films of note are likely to hit the Triangle area between now and Captain America: Civil War.

This sad fact can mean only one thing:  time to catch up on films I've purchased on DVD!


Mark P said...

My daughter is looking forward to the latest Captain America film!

She keeps on dropping hints at wanting me to buy Deadpool, but as she's only 14 I've told her she'll have to wait a year.

I'm tempted by the Greek Wedding film, I saw the first and enjoyed it although I suppose it is a chick flick.

Mark said...

Given her age and the content of the Deadpool movie, waiting seems wise.

I was also tempted by the Greek Wedding film, but the reviews have been awful.

Mark P said...

There's always this movie. But you might need to be British to appreciate it:

Mark said...

I do want to see this one, but it's already left all our local cinemas. I'll have to get it on DVD.


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