Saturday, April 2, 2016

more. worth your time

more. is a relatively new restaurant in the Glenwood South area.  Its menu was appealing enough that a group of us gave it a try tonight.  I'm happy to report that the food was so good that I'll return when the menu next changes.

The restaurant encourages you to share all of the dishes, so we did.  Every dish was at least good, and some were considerably better than that.  The two best plates were the sliders, which were rich and creamy and delicious, and the perfectly cooked hanger steak with chimichurri.  I and a few others also thought the mac and cheese was excellent, though it was too heavily herbed for some tastes.

The service wasn't up to the meal, and the high seats were rather uncomfortable, but I'm happy to forgive them those failings in return for the delicious meal.

Check out more.

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