Friday, April 1, 2016

Top 5 lessons from today's trip home from Austin

5.  Anyone who tells you that 10:00 a.m. is too early to eat Amy's ice cream is wrong.

4.  If you want to sell breakfast tacos, don't let them sit out so long that they look dusty.

3.  Continuing to work frantically on a laptop while a plane bounces from turbulence can make your row-mate feel sick even when he's not doing anything except turning green.

2.  False eyelashes (no, not mine) can be so long and so wet that they can get stuck to your eyebrow.

1.  Some people think the right reaction to bouncing their luggage off first your head and then your stomach (yes, my head and my stomach) is to say, "What's your problem?"

I do not like those people.


Michelle said...

It seems that people are getting ruder and ruder when it comes to taking blame. Maybe the election year and a certain candidate's horrible example of his treatment of others is contagious. Let's hope that passenger reconsiders his/her reaction and does better going forward. I doubt it, though. Rude people are clueless.

Mark said...

Rudeness does seem to be a growing disease.


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