Tuesday, March 29, 2016

Uchiko continues to be great

For dinner tonight, a group of us tried the omakase, or chef's tasting menu, at Uchiko, one of my favorite Austin restaurants.  The meal was once again delicious, a wonderful blend of hot and cold dishes.

A highlight was one of the day's specials, which we added to our menu: the gyutoro nigiri.  This little gem was a piece of Wagyu short rib that they cooked sous vide for 72 hours and then quickly and lightly seared before presenting it atop a perfect bit of warm rice.  The beef literally melted in your mouth.  We were all smiling as we slowly consumed our individual bites.  I probably could have eaten a plate of these rascals, but at the same time, one bite was perfect and so was exactly right.

As I have before, I once again recommend Uchiko to anyone who lives or visits here.


Dave Drale said...

Dear Mark,

'Sous vide' meaning 'while being stared at'?

With different interests

Mark said...

Cute, but not exactly. It's from the French, "under vacuum."


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