Saturday, March 26, 2016

Mesa Latin Kitchen

I've been meaning to try this restaurant since it replaced Gregoria's.  I'm always looking for good Cuban food, and though Mesa Latin Kitchen's offerings range over a wider culinary map, they do include some tasty Cuban dishes.  After sampling quite a few of its offerings tonight, I'm happy to report that Mesa Latin Kitchen is worth a visit.

The presentation of the ropa vieja resembled a flag, with long strips of the meat, green rice, and black beans.  All three components were tasty and flavorful; I'd go back for this dish alone.

The Cuban sandwich sticks were exactly what they sound like and delicious enough to make me wish they served the full sandwich.  The Cuban sliders with chorizo and pork belly and the cassava flat bread with exotic mushrooms were also standouts.  The lemon mojo sauce on the grilled asparagus had people wiping the plate clean.

Of the many dishes our group sampled, only one, the mussels, was a loser; at least two of the mussels were simply bad.

My only other complaint about the place was the volume of the music of the live band.  I liked the music, but it was so loud that talking was nearly impossible.

On balance, though, I recommend Mesa Latin Kitchen and hope to eat there again.

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