Saturday, January 31, 2015


is easily one of the strangest (always), grossest (frequently), funniest (at times), most disturbing (frequently) films I've ever seen.  I saw it on Blu-Ray, and though I cannot recommend it to everyone, I ended up quite glad to have seen it. 

Though it is a German movie with English subtitles that jumps around in time, I never had trouble following it--but I also never knew what would be coming next.  Few films manage that feat, so that alone is an endorsement of it.

This is absolutely not a family film.  Seriously.  Do not watch it with anyone who does not want to see breasts, vaginas, and penises on screen.  Yet it is not in any sense a porn flick; the dirty bits appear in other contexts.

Should you decide that, like me, you're up for a disturbing, odd, yet ultimately interesting film, I don't want to spoil Wetlands for you, so I'm not going to tell you any more about it. 

Should you decide to skip it, I wouldn't blame you at all.

If you watch it, though, and you hate it for being, say, gross or disturbing, don't blame me; I did warn you.

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