Sunday, January 25, 2015


Exactly why would I go to a movie whose RottenTomatoes critics rating was a dismal 31% and audience rating an even worse 29%?  Two words:  Michael Mann.  I'm a fan of the look of Mann's films, and I'll check out anything he makes. 

To my pleasant surprise, I quite enjoyed the movie.  Despite its many flaws--I'll hit a few in a minute--I had a good time, found the look as interesting as I would expect from Mann, and very much liked the harsh, short brutality of the moments of violence.  Both Leehom Wang and Wei Tang turned in good performances, and Viola Davis created an interesting character without having a ton to work with.

About those flaws.  I really can see what the critics and audiences responded to; I just reacted differently to the total package.  The film ran too long, with many scenes Mann could have tightened.  Chris Hemsworth's limited acting was never more tested, as in this movie he was supposed to have at least two emotions.  (He managed maybe half of one.  He was also smaller than in the Thor films; clearly he was cycling off the juice to give his body a break.)  The tech, though by far not the stupidest in a hacker movie, had plenty of issues.  I could go on, but to no point.

If you're a Michael Mann fan, definitely check out Blackhat.  If you're up for an action flick with an interesting look, consider going.  If you're seeking great acting, give it a pass.

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