Friday, September 12, 2014

On the road again: IDF, day 4

I'm home.  A day that starts after less than three hours of sleep with a 5:15 a.m. wake-up call is never going to be my favorite, but everything from when I woke up until when I reached home went according to plan.  Both flights were on time.  I was able to work for almost all of both flights.  I had time in DFW to grab a lunch of a Red Mango parfait.  I even got an upgrade on the second flight.

For a business trip, that's a pretty strong day. 

Still, I am very glad to be home.  I get to stay here for almost three weeks, and I'm quite looking forward to being in one place for a while.

While in Atlanta, I forget exactly where, I heard this song, and it's music-virused me since then.  So, have a go at it.  Maybe if it gets into your heads, it will leave mine.

Okay, I'll admit it:  As a teenager, when I first heard this song, I had a big-time crush on Petula Clark, and I still like a few of her hits.  So sue me.


Michelle said...

During the British invasion of the 60's, I pretended that I had an English accent for awhile and used to sing this song for anyone that would listen in my really bad faux accent. Thanks for the brain implant as now I will be singing this song for days. Yep, in my wonderful accent.

Mark said...

I hope those around you enjoy it.


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