Thursday, September 11, 2014

On the road again: IDF, day 3

The crowds were dramatically smaller today as the show wound to its end.  I made it to only one public session, an interesting presentation on Intel's new RealSense technology.  This technology uses a 3D camera and a lot of software to enable features such as accurate measurements, gestures in the air, and so on.  Think the xBox 360's Kinect capabilities and possibly more, all in your tablet or PC.  Neat stuff, though so new it's just starting to appear.

All of the non-show time today and tonight went to work, with the exception of a lovely dinner at the restaurant I consider to be the very best in San Francisco, Benu.  I hope to write a full review later, but I have to get up in a very few hours, so I'm going to cut this short, pack, and then grab a few hours of sleep.

Tomorrow, I must get up insanely early to begin the long day of travel home.  I am hoping for uneventful flights with upgrades and work and maybe even a little napping.

All I can be sure of, though, is the work.  I always find a way to do that.

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