Wednesday, September 10, 2014

On the road again: IDF, day 2

Today's keynote, which for some reason the organizers instead called a "Mega-session," from Intel Senior VP Diane Bryant covered her turf:  the data center.  She discussed both the two key trends--big data and the ever-increasing number of connected devices--that are driving a huge increase in data center requirements, and Intel's approach to meeting those requirements.  Though she didn't have much new to show, the presentation was still interesting and encouraging; a lot of new data center tech is heading our way in the years to come. 

I ended up in meetings the rest of the day and so was unable to attend any other sessions.

Dinner was with a friend at Chef Corey Lee's new (to me) French bistro, Monsieur Benjamin.  The food was good, though not up to that of his flagship restaurant, Benu (where I'll be eating tomorrow night).  If you're looking for a good meal, though, I'd certainly recommend Monsieur Benjamin. 

Now, to crash.

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