Friday, May 23, 2014

On the road again: Balticon, day 1

The con began in earnest today, and with it, my responsibilities here.  I spent most of the normal business day working, though part of the time went to finalizing the agenda for the con's Opening Ceremonies, at which I was the MC.

It's always difficult to judge one's own performance, but as best I can tell, the OC went well, the audience had a good time, we hit all our goals, and we ended on time. 

One of my jobs as MC is to introduce all the guests, including the previous year's Compton Crook Award winner--in this case, Myke Cole.  That person then introduces this year's winner of the award (Chuck Gannon).  I particularly enjoyed doing that tonight, because I remember with fondness winning that award at the 2008 Balticon. 

Dinner was a delicious meal at a local restaurant I quite enjoy, Woodberry Kitchen

Tomorrow, my panels begin. 

The day after tomorrow, I have to premiere my new comedy show, and I'm still not ready for it.  Yikes!

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