Tuesday, May 20, 2014

How silly a numbers geek am I?

Silly enough that when I saw my Tesla was about to hit this mileage count, I arranged to pull over for a photo.

Click the image to see a larger version.  

Of course, who wouldn't do the same for 6,565 miles?  I'm only sad that I failed to notice the moment when it turned 5,555 (and all the earlier similar numbers).

"Panic Station," by the way, was not playing.  The Internet radio had just come to it, but I had paused the music, as you can see, so I could focus on taking the photo.  Safety overrules number fun.


Rosanne said...

I've always loved catching the interesting numbers on my odometer, like 55,555, 100,000, etc. Now at 130,000+ miles and hoping for many more miles and to see many more cool numbers on my 1999 Honda Accord. :)

Mark said...

I also hope you get to see many more great numbers!

Eric Hardenbrook said...

Yes, I really am simple. My milage passed 80,085 miles. This amused me so much I pulled over and took a picture on the way home. My odometer said BOOBS.

Mark said...

Very nice.


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