Wednesday, May 21, 2014

My recipe for making your hotel room into a chilly swamp

I suppose I should first address the question many of you will have:  Why would one want one's hotel room to be a chilly swamp?

Chilly is desirable because it's best for sleeping.  When it comes to sleeping, very little beats snuggling under covers in a chilly room.

The swamp is important for the humidity.  I live in North Carolina, so humidity is a regular companion.  My sinuses are accustomed to humid weather.  A dry hotel room annoys them; a moist one soothes them.

I highly recommend the chilly swamp sleeping method.

Fortunately, the recipe is simple:

  1. When you hit the hotel room, set up your portable humidifier.  (What?  You don't have one.  Get one.  They're cheap.  I like this one, but any will do.) 
  2. Run it all day.
  3. While you're out and about, chill your room to 60 degrees (Fahrenheit, of course).
  4. When you return, turn off the AC.
  5. Keep the portable humidifier going.
  6. Right before bed, set the thermostat to 68 and turn on the AC.
  7. Keep the portable humidifier running.

You will then experience the joys of sleeping in the chilly swamp.

You can thank me later.


Michelle said...

Add a down comforter and this scenario sounds like perfection.

Mark said...

I always assume a good comforter or heavy blanket in a hotel.


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