Monday, April 14, 2014

What flavors won the ice-cream tasting?

Since I posted a picture of the birthday party ice-cream tasting offerings in this earlier blog entry, a few folks have asked which flavors won. 

I'm sorry to have to report that the results were entirely inconclusive.  We had so many people at the party with so many different preferences that no unanimous winners emerged.

Having said that, two flavors stood out as winners among almost all of the tasters:

Best salted caramel:  The Parlour's salted butter caramel

Everyone I know who likes this type of flavor loves The Parlour's version of it.  Smooth and creamy and just the right blend of these ingredients, you can never go wrong ordering this one.

Best intense chocolate:  Jeni's dark chocolate

I've raved about this flavor since I first tasted it some years ago, and it is still an amazing treat.  Though a minority preferred Ben & Jerry's chocolate therapy and a couple of other flavors, for my taste and money the Jeni's is the best.

All of the ice creams on hand were delicious, but none garnered as many comments as these two.  I highly recommend both.


Rosanne said...

Thanks for letting everyone know about the ice cream winners. I didn't even know about the Parlour or that it was in Durham. I've always liked butterscotch, caramel and honey, so these days I really love any kind of salted caramel, butterscotch or salted honey flavored treats.

Mark said...

You're welcome. The Parlour sells great ice cream; Vanessa is an ice cream wizard.


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