Saturday, March 15, 2014

What a giant ice cream tasting looks like

Maybe it was because we also had two pies and two cakes, or maybe it was the fact that the pints of ice cream outnumbered the guests, but whatever the reason, we did not even come close to finishing all the ice cream at my birthday party.

We did, though, enjoy the many flavors, and the rows of pints made a pretty sight.

Along this side, we have the chocolates and vanillas.

Click on an image to see a larger version.

From this angle, you can see all the other flavors.

I haven't even come close to sampling them all.  I suspect few people did.

What we all tasted, however, we very much enjoyed.

I sincerely thank all the great ice cream artists at The Parlour in Durham, Jenis in Columbus, Salt & Straw in Portland, and our local Ben & Jerry's store. 


Rosanne said...

All that ice cream sounds great! Since it'll keep in the freezer, plenty of time to try the others. :)

Mark said...

Very true, though I must then get back to healthy eating.


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