Wednesday, March 12, 2014

Aziz Ansari

delivered a very funny comedy show Tuesday night at the Carolina Theatre in Durham. Mixing anecdotes from his own life with observations about the way people behave in our highly connected world, he had the audience eating out of his hands for his entire performance.  I would have cut a few minutes out of one section, because they began to feel repetitive, but that's a small quibble about an otherwise strong show. 

If he comes to your area, check him out.  (You can find his tour schedule on his site.)

His opening act, Moshe Kasher, was previously unfamiliar to me, but after Kasher's very entertaining performance, I'd definitely go see him again.  Having said that, I later checked out a few of his clips online, and none of them struck me as being as strong as this show, so I suggest you not judge him by those alone.

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