Thursday, March 13, 2014

[ONE] remains the area's best restaurant

Earlier night, a group of us headed to [ONE] for our second special tasting menu from its fine chefs, Kim Floresca and Daniel Ryan.  We were hoping that the amazing meal we'd eaten there before Christmas was not a fluke and that we would again enjoy something special. 

[ONE] did not disappoint us.  The food was creative, beautiful, and most importantly, consistently delicious. 

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As is the case at many restaurants that feature modernist cuisine, the menu serves only to hint at what you be eating.  You can't really know what a course will be until it appears.  (I say that as a compliment, not a criticism; I love the magic show of a great tasting menu.)

Before the first course, though, we received four different amuses, each delightful.  I liked them all, though my favorite for sheer fun was probably this riff on deviled eggs.

I'd never tasted swordfish belly, but after this light, springy dish, I'll eagerly try it in the future.

From this garden of fish and veggies, we moved to a course that appeared to come from the woods.

And on and on the meal went, with the chefs even throwing in an unplanned beef dish that was incredibly flavorful.

If you live in this area or are visiting, and if you love good food, do yourself a flavor and check out [ONE].

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