Tuesday, March 11, 2014

The more I see about this movie

the more I want to see it.


Yes, I know the verbal interplay with the Black Widow (Scarlett Johansson) is silly, but I still enjoyed it. 

I may have to go to a midnight show the night before opening day. 


old aggie said...

Couldn't agree more, Mark!

Here in Cleveland, we're especially enjoying the way one can recognize streets, buildings, etc. - they weren't changed nearly as much in post-production as they were for "Avengers."

The large indoor space with the big statue (SHIELD emblem?) is actually the new atrium of the Cleveland Museum of Art! It contains the entire facade of the old Beaux-Arts building - really an amazing space.

When the production closed both lanes of one of our freeways for 3 weeks, folks coped pretty well. Some Mom & Pop eateries gave free coffee and pastries to commuters backed up on the side streets: there's enterpreneurship for you. :-)

Lots of us are eager for April 4th!

Kent said...

I don't know about in your 'hood, but the theatre here is doing an earlier screening, before opening night. Watch the first CA movie, then stay and watch Winter Soldier at midnight.

Mark said...

The building sounds very cool indeed.

I do quite look forward to this film.

Mark said...

Old Aggie, I may well do that. Thanks for the idea.


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