Saturday, April 19, 2014

What I've learned recently from my Web site spam

I'm easy to find online.  If you want to reach me, all you have to do is go to my Contact page, fill in the form, hit the send button, and an email will reach me.  I answer all my own email.  This simple form has worked well for years.

Until recently.  For a while--my hosting service now seems to have fixed the problem--spambots were using this form to contact me with a great many warnings and offers.  From these many, many messages, I learned the following:

  • I am on the edge of having a heart attack.
  • I am going bald.
  • I am in desperate need of a wide range of drugs to increase my sexual prowess.
  • My testosterone is low.  
  • My junk is entirely too small.
  • I need instruction in love-making.
  • With almost no work and only a little cash up front, I could make a fortune.
  • I could work from home and make over $85K a year in only a few hours a week.
And on an on.  

In short, all the spam that once reached me only through personal email addresses was able to find me via this form.

For now, I'm leaving up the form, because as I noted, my hosting service seems to have stopped the spam flood.  I'll hope it continues to do so.

If you would like to write me an actual message, feel free to use the form.  Please don't open your message, however, by trying to sell me something, because I'm likely to stop reading and delete it as if it were spam.

Meanwhile, I'll keep trying to figure out which drugs I need to buy from Canada and Mexico to fix all these problems I didn't know I had.


Rosanne said...

I've recently had a flood of spam messages also, mostly "do you need quick cash?" but some also seem to be phishing sites using friends contacts. Trying everything I can to stop the flood of spam, pop-ups, long video ads before info I actually want to read, etc... I've changed my settings to the one that is supposedly the best filter but no luck yet. Hope you and all affected, including myself, can get this spam issue resolved. Take care

Mark said...

I definitely share that hope.


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