Tuesday, April 15, 2014

A Kickstarter program I recommend

Prodigal Farm, a local farm and artisanal cheese maker that produces some wonderfully tasty goat cheeses, has started a Kickstarter program to fund the building of a facility for aging some cheeses.  I am all for this program, because I'd love to have aged goat bleus, goat-milk combos, and other hard cheeses in addition to their current softer, younger offerings.  I supported the program by pledging a bunch of seats for a dinner that Sean Fowler, the chef of Mandolin, will host at the farm if the campaign succeeds. 

Right now, these good folks are way short of their goal, with pledges totaling just over $10.5K of their $45K target. 

Check out the program.  If it interests you, and if you pledge for the Sean Fowler dinner, and assuming the program succeeds, all you have to do is let me know you want one, and at the dinner I'll give you a personally signed copy of a first edition of one of my novels.

By the way, I don't know these folks and have no financial interest of any form in this farm.  I just want to support what strikes me as a good thing for our local foodies and our community.


Rosanne said...

I really wish I could help, as I love goat milk cheese and the idea of supporting local businesses, but I am lacking funds right now. I hope there are other folks who can help out and that the goal is reached.

Mark said...

I appreciate the sentiment, and I totally understand about times of no funds.

Rosanne said...

Thank you. Somehow I have always managed to make it though each setback w/ time and working at it. I appreciate your kind words. Hope the folks make their goal.


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