Wednesday, April 16, 2014

A question of etiquette

WARNING:  Adult content.  Do not read further if you do not want to encounter adult content.

In conversation yesterday, Kyle raised a question of etiquette that none of the etiquette books I've read (yes, I have read a few) ever addressed:  

"When you're getting a massage, and the masseuse is rubbing the inside of your thighs, what is the right amount of chub to show?"
To clarify, Kyle was referring to a normal massage, not one in a trailer with "Happy endings $100" and "All girl staff" signs on it.

Kyle was leaning toward a middling amount, on the theory that showing none would be insulting to the masseuse but that going full tent-pole would be intimidating.

When I asked a few women, all of whom declined to let me name them here, for their opinions, I found no consistent answer.  Responses included
"None; if you want that kind of massage, go somewhere else."

"None; ask them to turn up the air conditioning."

"Enough to show interest but no more." 
What's your answer to this unexplored matter of etiquette?


Michelle said...

Massages are supposed to relax you. If having Mr Happy stand up and cheer relaxes you, go for it. But unless you are in a place that smells vaguely of urine and strong perfume, don't expect any help with that situation...

Unknown said...

I didn't realize men had absolute control over this response. If you do, none. If you don't, then don't worry about what happens naturally.


Mark said...

Michelle, I need to note that the question is Kyle's, not mine.

Sarah, men absolutely do not have absolute control over this response.


Madison Metricula said...

A massage therapist does not think about or care about your chub level or lack thereof. They're professionals and used to it. :)

Mark said...

Given Kyle's concerns, that is a good thing.


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