Wednesday, October 24, 2012

On the road again: Austin, day 3

Another day, another slate of meetings I can't discuss, another run of hours of work after the meetings.  Such is the glamor of my business travel.

Dinner was with a friend and client at the wonderful sushi place, Uchi.  We all had the omakase, or chef's menu, and every course was delicious.  Afterward, we retired to the nearest Amy's for our traditional ice-cream dessert.  Three nights in town, and three ice cream selections from Amy's; not healthy, but very tasty.

Today's hotel-room rant concerns the phone. Why do hotel staffs always wrap the cord around the phone?  When you lift the receiver, half the time you also lift the phone.  What's wrong with just letting the cord dangle?  I hate this particular affectation. 

Now, it's time to hit the bed, grab a few hours of sleep, and do it all over again!


John Lambshead said...

Phone rants??? Time for a chilling out holiday. :)

Mark said...

Perhaps so.


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