Saturday, October 27, 2012

Cameron Crazie for a day

Thanks to the combination of Parents Weekend at Duke and a friend and housemate of Sarah's, we found ourselves this afternoon sitting with Sarah on the narrow benches of Duke's Cameron Indoor Stadium and watching a Duke basketball game. 

The game was an exhibition event, one that would not count against either team's record.  The opponent was Western Washington University, a Division II team, so the outcome was never really in doubt. 

None of that mattered a whit to me.  I had a wonderful time!  I've always wanted to see a game in this famous venue, so it was great to finally get to do that.  It was cool to see a kid playing whom I knew, a guy who went to school with Sarah.  Most of all, though, it was just great to get to see a basketball game!  I had forgotten how much I love this sport.  I was tense and completely engaged the whole time, cheering at each good play and wincing at every terrible one. 

With children in two local schools, I do my best to remain steadfastly neutral in college basketball season, but for a few hours today, I was definitely a Cameron Crazie.  (The spelling is not mine; if you don't believe me, check here.)  I can't wait to attend another game there!

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