Monday, October 22, 2012

On the road again: Austin, day 1

I'm spending the week in Austin for business meetings, so today was a travel day.  I was fortunate enough to have exit-row seats on both legs and bandwidth on the first, so I was able to work a great deal of the time, but I didn't get any upgrades. 

A trip to Austin usually involves a layover in DFW, and it did today. Fortunately, DFW has Red Mango and an Admiral's Club, both of which I enjoyed. 

The drive from AUS to our hotel normally takes half an hour on the toll road; today, we spent 3X that much time on the road thanks to an accident that, in the brief time I saw it, looked to be a doozy.  I hope no one was badly hurt. 

Thought most of the day went to work, the highlight of this first Austin night was, as per my tradition, dinner at the County Line by the Lake and dessert at the nearby Amy's at the Arboretum.  As you can see, the barbecue plate--beef ribs, sausage, and brisket--was huge and delicious. 

For a larger version, click on the image.

No, I couldn't come anywhere close to finishing it.  (Well, I didn't; ice cream was coming.)

The ice cream was equally but differently delicious.  We ate it outside in the pleasantly cooling air, a lovely way to pass part of an autumn night in Austin.

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