Sunday, February 12, 2012

Waiting and waiting

There's a great deal to do when your mom dies, but as it turns out, you can't do much of it on Sunday. Tomorrow, we have a key meeting and then might be able to make some headway on the memorial service, but today all we could do was make some calls and start some of the key discussions.

So, we talked, played, worked, and ate out.

Lunch was at a deli, Lucky Dill, that served a huge range of sandwiches. Both because it looked awesome and because I am stress eating at least a bit, I went for the chili cheese dog sliders.

Oh, yeah, that's health food at its best--but mighty darn tasty nonetheless.

Dinner was a nice salad and a Cuban sandwich at a cafe in Dunedin, followed by ice cream three doors down at Strachan's. Their ice cream is definitely worth the trip if you live in this area.

Tomorrow, with luck, we will make more progress on the plans.


Tom said...

Have you firmed up funeral plans yet?

Mark said...

We just now have, and I'll blog on it tonight.

dinah frazier said...

I'm here, writing and praying and sending love. dinah


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