Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Nothing is simple

Dealing with my mom's death at times makes me feel like I'm in a Monty Python sketch. "The toughest thing about death," they might say, "is the paperwork."

Really, nothing is simple. You can't make progress without a death certificate, which you can't get without clearing other milestones, and on and on. I simultaneously have nothing to do and more than I can do. I expect dealing with her affairs will be a part-time task for multiple months--and her affairs were extremely simple.

Meanwhile, for those interested, here's another Mom Fun Fact: when I was a teenager, I learned that she had for many years loved the music of jazz piano great Erroll Garner. I'm not a jazz fan and never have been, so to me his music generally sounded like most jazz does: as if the players are just noodling about endlessly. I accept, however, that this reaction is probably simply a reflection of how little I understand music.

In Mom's honor, here's Garner playing one of his most famous songs.

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Tom said...

From complex jazz melodys to popping bubble wrap, these were just a few of Nancy's favorite things


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