Monday, January 30, 2012

On the road again: Seattle, day 2

Work filled most of today's hours, and I can't talk about that, so this one's going to be short.

Lunch was a surprise: very good Thai food at a mall restaurant, Thai Ginger in Redmond. I tasted a few dishes, and each was quite tasty. I'd definitely eat there again.

After lunch, I was lucky enough to catch a few minutes of blue sky--cloudy, yes, but blue. When the sun shines here, I find the whole Seattle area to be one of the prettiest places I visit.

One of the best things about working in the tech industry in general and my job in particular is the opportunity to talk and work with smart people who are passionate about what they do. Today's meetings, like most of those I have on these road trips, were all interesting and informative. I love the way the tech world is constantly evolving; nothing goes stale.

Tomorrow, more interesting meetings, and then an evening drive to Portland, one of my favorite cities.

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