Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Come on, we've all had days like


Okay, maybe not.

Another good reason not to drink.


Michelle said...

Robert Downey, Jrs., drunken midnight stroll comes to mind. If it wasn't so embarrassing, you would have to laugh.

Sleeping in his Neighbor's Kid's Bed While High

"In July of 1996, after a hard night of drinking, all Robert Downey Jr. wanted to do was get home and go to sleep. However, the sweet sauce has a tendency to warp your perceptions, and Bob ended up at his neighbor's house. Not letting the unfamiliar surroundings stop him, he broke in through a window and passed out in the nearest bed - which happened to belong to his neighbor's son. Thankfully, the kid wasn't home at the time, or things could have been even more awkward. Downey was awakened by paramedics and rushed off to rehab in what would become the first of many such visits. But you never know - maybe he sleeps in a single bed shaped like a racecar at home. It's an honest mistake."

Mark said...

I didn't know Robert Downey, Jr. and I had the same race-car bed. Bitchin'!


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