Thursday, October 13, 2011

On the road again: Austin, day 3

It's hard to complain about any day that includes Amy's ice cream, so I won't. I will note that the work hours have been huge--sadly, a now normal part of my travel--and Kyle and I managed to misread an iPhone app and walk about 2.5 miles in a vain attempt to find an Amy's that was not there. Our quest became amusing, however, so I could only laugh at us.

We also would not give up. So, after returning to my hotel, we had the bellmen bring round the mighty Fiat--the worst POS I have ever rented--and we drove to my favorite Amy's, where delicious ice cream was ours.

Tomorrow, work email, work meetings, more meetings, and then a frantic drive to the airport where I begin the journey home. Ah, the romance of business travel.


pjz said...

Mmm... Amy's. I don't know if you're a pinball/videogame guy, but if so is worth a visit.

Mark said...

It looks cool. Would that I had the time.

Kyle said...

In my defense, I wasn't misreading the app. Google maps just thinks that this Amy's is on North Congress, in the middle of the Texas Senate, rather than on South Congress, like the address says.

Mark said...

Interesting. Well, let's hope Google is reading!


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