Saturday, October 15, 2011

Book attitude quiz

When you look around your house and see that you have more books than could possibly fit on your available shelving, which of the following do you think:

(a) I need to stop buying books.

(b) I need to get rid of some of the books I'll never read again so I have room for new ones.

(c) I need more shelves.

(d) I need to buy another house to hold my library so I can have plenty of room for new books for years.
I bet you can guess which answer I'd give.


Ticia said...

My ideal would be to have a house with a giant ballroom that I could fill with rows and rows of double-sided bookshelves on wheels so that when I had big parties (or the urge to rearrange furniture), I could wheel the bookcases around to create new and exciting spaces and reading nooks. Oh, and the walls would be floor to ceiling bookshelves with cat walks and rolling ladders. Getting rid of books hurts too much.

Andy Finkel said...

I'd go with:

e) boy, its a good thing that e-books are now very usable.

Mark said...

Ticia, for me the ideal would be a giant, multi-story, circular library.

Andy, fair enough, but I still love paper books.


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