Sunday, October 9, 2011

The most touching book I've read in quite some time

I knew of Robert McCammon, but I had not read his work in the past. When Subterranean Press produced a special edition of his novel, The Five, I picked it up because, well, I get all the Subterranean books. (Literally.) I recently got around to reading it and, wow, was I blown away.

No other novel I've read recently has touched my heart as much as this one.

The book centers around a rock band, The Five. I don't want to talk about the plot, because I want you to let the book work its own magic on you.

I can tell you that the novel tackles big issues. It also takes big risks, including giving lyrics to songs (like putting original poetry in a novel, always a dicey business) and dancing with religion. It's long--over 500 pages--and at times the story moves slowly. McCammon sometimes changes viewpoint characters multiple times on a page, a no-no for most writers.

None of that matters. I loved it.

If you feel art beating inside you and trying to get out, or even if you just wish that somehow you could be heard, this book is for you.

If those characteristics don't apply to you, you should still check it out.

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