Sunday, June 26, 2011

Serenity and the NC Browncoats

Earlier tonight, the NC Browncoats held their annual showing of Serenity in support of Equality Now and Kids Need To Read. As I mentioned in an earlier blog entry, I decided to become a sponsor of the event, and we ended up holding Rana's birthday party there, as about twenty of us gathered to eat, socialize, and watch the movie. Jennie and I also agreed to join Sam Montgomery-Blinn, editor of local SF magazine, Bull Spec, as the judges in the costume contest. (Organizer Jen Hilton is a persuasive, very nice, and very organized woman indeed!)

So, it was an evening of fun and fun work, because picking winners from among the many costume contestants was difficult indeed. I was pleasantly surprised by the number of entrants and the amount of work they had obviously put into their costumes.

I also donated one shirt from each of my stand-up shows and a personalized copy of Children No More to the charity raffle the NC Browncoats held. To my great pleasure, the winner was a veteran, a retired Army Major, whose wife's father had been a Marine. They already knew of and fully appreciated the book, so signing it to him and his wife was more than compensation enough for all I did this evening.

The movie itself was a joy to watch on the big screen. I do love this film, and I found it as engaging and moving as ever.

If you live around here, I highly recommend you attend next year--and buy your tickets early, because it sells out. All profits go to two very deserving charities, and you'll have a swell time. I hope to be there, schedule permitting.

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