Monday, June 27, 2011

On the road again: Austin, day 1

My biggest hope for airplane travel days is that they be uneventful, and today fortunately was. The flights ran on time, I got an upgrade on the longer leg, and I even had time to grab some Red Mango in DFW. Hard to complain.

Most of the day and late into the night went to work, but I did follow my Austin tradition of eating dinner at The County Line by the Lake and then enjoying some ice cream at the Arboretum Amy's. Sitting by the water in the fading light of early evening was a treat, and the County Line folks seemed particularly on their barbecue game tonight, so dinner proved to be meaty goodness with a side of lovely scenery. The ice cream was as good as it always is, which is to say, it was great.

In completely unrelated news, Lynn sent me a picture of her holding a paperback copy of Children No More, so apparently it is out! I have yet to see a copy myself, but I hope to do so soon. I'm certain to mention this many times more in the days ahead, but if you buy a copy of the book, you're doing a good deed, because I'm donating 100% of my take from the novel--all editions, print and electronic--to Falling Whistles to help rehabilitate and reintegrate child soldiers and children affected by war. As the Web site for this program says,

Lose yourself in other worlds. Do good in this one.

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