Tuesday, June 28, 2011

On the road again: Austin, day 2

Work filled most of today, and of course I cannot discuss it. I can note that it is quite hot here, with the high each day over a hundred. Even with a white towel covering it, the steering wheel in the rental car is hot to the touch each time we return to the vehicle. I know the heat here is drier than the one back home and so some would claim it is not as bad, but I don't care; it's damn hot here.

Dinner was a very good meal at Congress, the best of all the restaurants I've tried in Austin. Executive Chef David Bull and his team delivered tasty dishes that blended modern American cooking with local ingredients and a clearly Texan heritage. Captain Jay Hume and his team provided service that kept pace with the food. If you're in Austin and seeking a memorable dinner, do not miss Congress.

I'd write more, but despite what the timestamp on this post says (it lies because I can set it to whatever I want), it is very late, so I am finally crashing.

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