Wednesday, June 29, 2011

On the road again: Austin, day 3

Another long work day, and of course I can't discuss it.

It was well after nine before we could head to dinner, and by then I had a powerful craving for some Amy's. So, we drove to the nearest one, which is in the Arboretum, and then searched for a nearby place at which we could grab a little supper first. We ended up at a Manuels, where the food was pleasant enough though unexceptional. What was exceptional, however, was the setting: we ate under a sprawling tree next to a simple fountain-fed trough of running water. Listening to the splash of water in a cooling evening while under the shade of a beautiful old tree is a great treat in itself, enough of a treat to more than compensate for the plainness of the restaurant's fare.

The Amy's ice cream was, of course, delicious.

The rest of the evening went to work.


pjz said...

I think the Manuel's downtown has better food. Up here, I think Chuy's or even Baby Acapulco has better tex-mex, and Z-Tejas is the "southwestern fusion" favorite, of course. If you haven't been, I also recommend NXNW; their homebrews are great (try the black jack stout) and the roasted garlic on toast with goat cheese is awesome.

Mark said...

Thanks for the tips. We stopped at this one just by accident.


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