Saturday, December 18, 2010

Bill Nighy is amazing

Though I've linked to this video before, I simply must do it again. Even if you've never watched Love Actually (though, as I wrote yesterday, you really should), you will be amazed by Bill Nighy as aging rocker Billy Mack in this video. The video as a whole never appeared in the movie, which showed us only snippets, but Richard Curtis was wise enough to make it anyway and use it as an extra on the DVD.

I can't get a firm count of all the videos Curtis is lampooning here, though "Addicted To Love" is clearly the most prominent.

Watch Nighy's hands, which he uses more oddly than any actor I know.



Michelle said...

He always looks like he is giving us the finger as he is laughing all the way to the bank. Pure genius.

Kyle said...

The thing that amazes me about Bill Nighy is that until Love Actually, I didn't realize that he existed. How can I have missed genius of this magnitude for most of my life?

Mark said...

He's one of those actors who's always working but rarely as a lead. Now, I have to see the movie in which he's an assassin constantly trying to please his mother.

Anonymous said...

my favorite nighy sighting was in neil gaiman's silent short film "statuesque" for sky tv. (i looked for it online to include a link here, but apparently sky's copyright lawyers are ubiquitous and omniscient.) he managed to convey an astonishing range of emotion without speaking a word...

- lisa

Mark said...

It was not my favorite of his performances, but I did like it a great deal. I saw it during the brief time it was online, right after they showed it on TV.


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