Monday, December 13, 2010

Yeah, we like a big Christmas tree

Long-time readers may recall that last year's try was a stately beast that stood about ten feet tall.

Some of us thought it was a fine size.

The more sensible among us (for a sufficiently loose definition of "sensible") disagreed. In fact, that group--Sarah, Scott, and I--felt we had erred on the conservative side. We are, after all, the folks who use a thirty-five-pound, industrial stand rated to hold trees up to fifteen feet tall.

No point in not being prepared.

We vowed not to be quite as conservative this year.

The result is the one you can see in this picture, which I took right after we stood up the tree. It's already a great deal broader as the branches are slowly descending.

To give you a little perspective, Scott is in tennis shoes and so is standing close to 5'11".

Yeah, we're closer to twelve feet at the very peak this year.

Oh, yeah, that's a tree.

Wait'll we get the lights and approximately 3.7 million ornaments on it.

On a completely unrelated note, some folks I care about are going through some rough times right now. They're feeling alone, as if no one understands them or what they've been through or are enduring now. To some degree, of course, they're right; each of our experiences is unique. In a greater sense, though, they are not alone. I'm here, others who care about them are around, and even if only in spirit, we are with them. I've linked to this song before, but it fits now, for them, so I'll use it again. (Sorry about the commercial; it's the cost of a free, high-quality video.)


J. Griffin Barber said...

Now that's a tree!

Michelle said...

Wow...that is a huge tree! Do you have a problem with your dog drinking all the water? It must take hours to string the lights and decorate it. My poor little 6 foot tree looks like Charlie Brown's compared to yours!

Mark said...

Thanks, Griffin.

Mark said...

Michelle, it's a big space, so a big tree is in order. We have a crack team that can string the lights in under an hour--and we put on a ton of lights.

Kyle said...


Mark said...

Very nice, Kyle. As cheerful as always.


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